Its time to Activate Your


Thank you for registering to take part in the Lucozade Final 11 League, featuring the game Fortnite.

Ready to boost your chances at winning? Then read this carefully.

Key Dates

Registration: 9th July – 29th July (tell your friends to sign up before it's too late!)

League phase: 26th July – 16th August (will be streamed online for fans to watch)

Finals: 4th September (will be streamed online for fans to watch)

Devices you can play on

  • Smart phone
  • PC or laptop
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5

We recommend connection speeds of 20mbps, and higher. Minimum connection speeds required should be 10mbps, nothing less if you really want to dominate and earn some bragging rights.

Players' Conference

An online video conference with the game admins, where they will go through key rules, and answer any of your questions. Conference dates below:

  • Saturday July 31st
  • Sunday August 1st
  • Monday August 9th

The time for the meeting, and the invite link, will be shared separately after registration closes. Please keep tabs on your email and SMS!

League Format

The league phase will be virtual, with you and other contestants competing virtually and remotely from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. The league dates are:

  • Round One: Saturday August 7th
  • Round Two: Saturday August 14th
  • Round Three: Saturday August 21st

Each of the above days will have four ''League Boxes''. A ‘’League Box’’ is gameplay consisting of three battle royale matches. Each battle royale match is 20 minutes long, with player eliminations between the three battle royale matches.

  • Match 1: Solo Battle Royale match of 20 minutes. Only 48 players will proceed to the next match.
  • Match 2: Squad Battle Royale match of 20 minutes. Only 24 players will proceed to the final match of the round.
  • Match 3: Duos Battle Royale match of 20 minutes. The Top 11 of this first round will be selected from this final match.

Once a ''League Box'' ends, players previously eliminated, or new players who didn’t take part in any previous round, are free to rejoin and join respectively, for the next round, and so on. Players can compete in as many ''League Boxes'' as possible throughout the league phase, this will help you garner as many points as possible.

Anything else you need to Compete?

Yes! Now that you have successfully registered, you need to make sure you have the following before the tournament kicks off (and you kick butt):

  • An Epic Games ID
  • A Battlefy account.

Here's how you get them...

How to get an EPIC Games ID

  1. Go to
  2. Download the Epic games launcher by pressing the ‘’Get Epic Games’’ button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Download and install launcher.
  4. After installing launch the program.
  5. Signup with email address, the first option.
  6. The display name chosen is your EpicID.

How to sign up for Battlefy

  1. Go to
  2. Go to sign up.
  3. Pick any method to sign up for a Battlefy account.
  4. You have done it!.

You don't have to register again once you have the above Epic Games ID and Battlefy account.

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